Cockpit Lighting

Cockpit Lighting

Cockpit Lighting

By Cathy Andres

We love our ambient, Ikea lighting in the cockpit, but sometimes you just need more – when reading the Ports book or the latest Ava Lee novel, when cheating at cards or trying to pick the bug out of your drink (I know just strain them). If you’re in need of more lighting but like me hate using and storing batteries (both new and those waiting for the recycle depot) and want to conserve energy, this might be the answer.


We were so excited to test out our new light we couldn’t wait for the boat.

Seems to good to be true. It comes with 3 long lasting tea lights, but regular tea lights are fine. Made for indoor and outdoor use, constructed of glass, aluminum and stainless steel, the JOI light uses thermoelectric technology. It has 8 LED lights and no cords, fuels or batteries. I can’t wait for spring!

Made in Canada.

Available at South Shore Yachts