Is It Really Worth It
The Switch to LED: Is It Really Worth It?

The Switch to LED: Is It Really Worth It?

We were looking for ways to conserve battery power on our Dufour 43 and until we get around to installing solar and wind power we sought out some simple, cost effective measures. To start we went with the obvious solution of making the switch to LED bulbs. We wanted to see how much of a difference it made both on battery draw and in actual light. We think the lighting still casts an ambient glow and yet actually seems to provide more light. See for yourself… Can you see the difference?

While we were satisfied with the lighting, we wondered would it really be worth It? Can we justify the cost? The true test would be the difference in how long our battery lasted. Here’s the result:

Light Type Draw *Battery Life in Hours
Halogen 15.83 amps 7.58 hours
LED 2.07 amps 57.97 hours

*Assuming a 120 amp hour battery

Needless to say we’re thrilled!

If you want to make the change to LED and extend your battery life, call South Shore Yachts for a quote! As an added bonus our pitted chrome light rings were buffed and came out looking beautiful!